Team event mental toughness NL ONLY

Mental toughness, resilience team building and physical techniques will be trained during this workshop.

Typical clients:

Governmental agencies, Corporate


by Dave Smeets

How does it work?

In this section we would like to explain to you what you can expect when you order Team event mental toughness NL ONLY. Ofcourse we will walk you through it every step of the way. 
We discuss your needs

During a phone call we discuss what it is you want. This will be the basis for the workshop we will give for you. It's possible we ask questions like: "How many people will be attending?", "What will be the location?", "How many days would you like?", questions about your budget and your overall goals with the workshop.

We make a plan
After our first conversation we will come up with a proposal for your workshop.
We plan a date
If you like our proposal we'll plan the date of the workshop.
This is the date your seminar will occur. In general, the duration of this workshop is one FULL day or weekend, the level can be classified from 4 to 5 stars.

What you get?

Below you can see what results we’ll try to achieve. This by all means isn’t an exhausting list, but it will give you a broad idea.

This training ensures resilient employees who have to rely on their own resilience and the team’s resilience every day. After following this training you will be able to ensure that you pass the day with more ease. You can better regulate your task and what is expected of you and handle it more effectively. You learn to better express your own resilience, but above all to let it bounce back in order to be able to absorb the next experience properly. Learn to apply physical techniques with the associated theory.

This training will include elements of the following

  • Forest training
  • Walk as a team
  • Communicate as a team
  • Descent mountaineering
  • Create fire
  • Police dogs

The dogs that are used are trained by ourselves and are at work every day. All points above are supervised by professionals.

Check our dogs by clicking on the all dogs button.

It’s possible to extend your stay with one of our chefs, he will prepare a delicious 5 course dinner for your team.

We can also offer a fully catered wellness package, including the theory behind it to start your working day strong minded.

This will be done by a yoga professional.

We have a whole renovated farmhouse where there is room for 20 people +

It is equipped with the latest technologies, your team will really be spoiled here.

This also comes including a live cooking chef for breakfast & dinner.

From Other Clients

An impression of our work with other clients. Feel free to press on the photos to see them in a larger format. 

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