Born 01-09-1987 in Heerlen Limburg Netherlands, raised in a family of 3 children together with father and mother, I have been involved in sports since I was 5 years old, football and judo are the sports I grew up with.

Later I also started with Japanese jiu-jitsu, in combination with Judo.

Together with my father and our team, I traveled all over Europe to win several major tournaments.

My father has always worked in security as an officer & dog handler, this is where the dog paws come from within our family & my mother works in care.

I myself had little or no interest in dogs because I was busy practicing top sport.

My father often asked me to go to the club because his helper was once again unable to attend, I always had to tell him a NO because I had something else planned.

One day I decided to go along and put on the suit, this day changed everything I was 15 years old then.

I have never taken off the suit and high boots, and am currently training daily on the dog grounds or at home in our indoor training room.

My grandfather and several of my father’s brothers used to be active in dog sports, I only heard this at a later age.

After my studies I started working at the Ministry of Defence, after a short period I decided to stop and work in civil society as a logistics employee at a large medical chain, after some time I took a job as a dog handler at a of the largest companies in the Netherlands.

Soon I felt like a number and too smart for that world, my colleagues were insufficiently trained and I could not count on them in hot times.

There was also training below the level, because I am a striver and always want the best, I have decided to stop working as a dog handler in a team.

Once back at my old place, the office job in logistics, I have always been involved with dogs on a hobby basis.

After I sold some dogs to the United Arab Emirates & America my phone started ringing daily, much to my boss’ chagrin.

I then stopped working and focused entirely on myself and training selling working dogs & giving seminars.

In addition, I am constantly engaged in education to become better than all others, I travel all over the world to collect information in the form of lectures, seminars and meetings.

Currently I still live in Heerlen, together with my wife Francis and 3 children.
Our 4th child will be born in June.

My family means a lot to me but also to the dogs, because we do this together.
The daily care is done by myself, my wife and the children, when I am traveling they take care of the whole picture.

In addition to my work as a dog trainer, I am often involved in training people, such as people with disabilities or behavioral problems, I notice that they benefit greatly from the contact of dogs and training them.

Professional award winning dog training with over 20 years of experience in everything from basic to advanced training. 

K9 by Smeets
Gouwestraat 9
6413 WJ Heerlen
The Netherlands

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